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Script and Story Submissions

For script or story submissions, please fill out the form below and upload your proposal and bio/CV as a PDF. Thank you.

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      • We thank you for your interest in Prairie Dog Film & Television (2004) Ltd. (“PDFT”). PDFT is prepared to receive your materials, proposals, ideas and/or submissions (the “Materials”), provided you deliver the Materials on the terms and conditions set out below:

        To: Prairie Dog Film & Television (2004) Ltd.
        In consideration of PDFT accepting and reviewing the Material I, [Full Name] represent, warrant and agree as follows:

        1. I have the full and exclusive right to submit the Materials to PDFT and no other person or corporation has any right, title or interest in the Materials inconsistent with my rights to develop and license the Materials. If the Materials are submitted on behalf of a corporation that owns the Materials, I represent that I have the authority to bind the corporation.
        2. The Materials are not defamatory and do not infringe upon or violate the privacy rights, copyrights, trademarks, publicity or other intellectual or proprietary rights of any third party.
        3. Receipt and review by PDFT of my Materials does not constitute an acknowledgment by PDFT that Materials or the underlying concept therein is unique or original.
        4. I acknowledge and agree that PDFT, its employees, officers and consultants have numerous ideas, concepts and projects in development and PDFT receives concepts and proposal from third parties that may be substantially similar or identical to the Materials submitted by me. I agree that the receipt of the Material will not restrict the development and production of any project based on any concept, idea or proposal PDFT has in development or has reviewed from a third party even if such concept, proposal or idea is similar or identical to part or all of the Materials and such development or proposal by PDFT will not in any way give rise to a claim by me.
        5. I understand PDFT will not make use of any of the Materials I will submit to us except under the terms of an agreement to be negotiated between us.
        6. I understand that PDFT has not made any promise or representation to me about the Materials, and has no obligation to use the Materials in any way. There is no agreement, written or oral, express or implied, between me and PDFT concerning the Materials, other than this release.
        7. I have retained a copy of the Materials submitted to PDFT and release PDFT from liability for loss or damage to such Materials. I understand that the Materials submitted will not be returned.
        8. I understand and agree that this agreement shall apply equally to any Materials I have in the past or may in the future submit to PDFT unless specifically agreed to by the parties in writing to the contrary.
        9. This agreement shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the Province of Alberta and Canada.
        DATED 20/06/2024