I Want a Dark, Under-the-Radar Drama

“Blackstone,” Hulu

Watch if you like bleak, unglamorous and distinctive ensemble shows.

Blackstone is one of the flagship shows of Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, where it made its debut in 2011. It’s set on a (fictional) Blackstone First Nation reserve, within an indigenous community challenged by corruption and desperation.

The depths of that corruption start coming to light when Leona (Carmen Moore) wins the election to become the new chief, though her victory celebration is overshadowed by a teenager’s rape and suicide. In its earliest episodes, the series’ dialogue is heavy-handed and the camera distractingly jumpy. But stick with it: The story is powerful enough to outweigh early shortcomings, and around Episode 5, the show blossoms into itself, and it’s well worth the wait. The first three seasons, with 23 total episodes, are currently on Hulu. (Seasons 4 and 5 have already aired in Canada.)

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