By Margaret Lyons, Television Critic

Dear Watchers,

FX announced today that the fourth season of “Fargo” will premiere on Sept. 27. It was initially scheduled to debut in April, but as with everything else that was supposed to happen this spring, plans changed.

See you Wednesday.

I want a grounded drama

When to watch: Now, on Amazon.

This intense Canadian series originally aired on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, and some seasons have come and gone from U.S. streaming services before. But now all five seasons (39 episodes) are available. The show is set on a fictional First Nation reserve, making it one of the only shows to portray the lives of multiple Indigenous characters in complex and artful ways, and its raw realism and patient storytelling make it totally engrossing.

I will caution you that the first few episodes are a little bumpy, but the series really blossoms as it goes on. “Blackstone” depicts a tremendous amount of suffering, struggle and violence, but it does so with depth and detail instead of in one big mass of blended-together misery that bleak ensemble shows sometimes slip toward. If you miss broody cable dramas from 10 years ago, or if you like stories about local politics, watch this.